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This is going to be my first post on medium so I figured I should add some context behind why I decided to start writing. I’m still pretty early on in life but at the age of 2(x), I would stray away from calling myself a “child”, though depending on which friend you ask that label might be spot on. Like a child, I enjoy learning as much as I can about everything(and anything) around me but due to the bullshit semantics of being a full-time student transitioning into the workforce, time truly is something I do not have the luxury of. Recently while on break from school I have been spending large chunks of my time looking into the vast way people have invested money and the obscure returns that we are seeing for the first time in emerging markets. I think it’s an amazing time to be young as the opportunities to change your economic status seem to be endless right now but with all this opportunity comes a lot of misinformation. We have seen the rise of fake gurus and masters of investments like cryptocurrency and trading options but it feels like no one asks the questions around how these “masters” obtain their information, for someone to know more than the majority of the market they must have put in the work right? My goal for 2022 is to do the work and to use this as an outlet to document my financial journey as I continue to explore non-conventional topics like decentralized finance and even the concepts of Web3 and the metaverse. I hope this helps me become a better writer as well but who honestly knows, this is really for myself but if someone finds value in it that would be cool as well!




Sometimes I write little post to keep track of my descent into insanity.

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Dreamer 🌙

Dreamer 🌙

Sometimes I write little post to keep track of my descent into insanity.

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